Quality Air Conditioner Protects The Family’s Health

If you are in the market for a replacement or brand new air conditioner, there are many factors to consider. From size to energy efficiency, a quality air conditioner isn’t necessarily the most expensive brand. A quality AC unit conserves energy with modern evaporation components, along with an intricate triggering system to control temperature. Although you can select the best AC unit at purchase time, it doesn’t remain a quality machine without maintenance. Protect your family’s health with a reliable AC unit and key maintenance tasks. People are increasingly concerned about maintaining a healthy home and USA Environmental Protection Agency promotes programs at http://www.epa.gov/greenhomes/protectingyourhealth.htm

We have another example: Vice President Joe Biden announces three new initiatives that will help grow the energy-efficiency industry and help families make improvements that will help save money on their energy bills. November 9, 2010.

Filter Attention
Your quality AC unit uses a filter to stop any harmful particulates from dispersing through the duct system. From pet dander to mold, the filter captures these items, creating a buildup over time. If the filter isn’t replaced or cleaned on a monthly basis, the system cannot work efficiently. Particulates may find their way into the blown air, creating unhealthy conditions. Keep the entire family healthy with a clean air filter year-round.

Vacuuming Buildup
Although your AC unit may be enclosed in a closet or other sheltered area, the internal coils become dusty over time. Even particulates settle in the ducts, causing dust and debris to fly out when the system activates. Continue to protect your family’s health by vacuuming out your quality AC system. Remove duct vents to vacuum any settled dust, along with cleaning the inside unit’s coils. Your system will be a healthy contribution to the home.

Inspect For Leaks
Your AC unit does generate condensate as warm air is converted into cool, indoor air. This moisture is usually funneled to a drip pan where it either accesses the plumbing or simply evaporates, depending on the system. To keep your family healthy, look for any leaks periodically. Even a slow leak can lead to mold growth. Mold spores enter the AC unit, reducing its quality and possibly sickening the household. Fix any leaks to keep mold out of the home.

Yearly Professional Evaluation
To truly maintain your quality system, ask a trusted professional to evaluate the system each year. They can point out any issues that may have been overlooked. Professionals can even record particulates being moved by the AC unit, giving you a clear indication of your system’s quality.

There are solutions to keep air quality at home and keep in mind or double check the air quality index in USA or AQI, which is a nationally uniform index for reporting and forecasting daily air quality and air quality index in Canada

Be confident about your quality AC unit by maintaining it through the years. You increase its lifespan and protect your family’s health at the same time. You’ll breathe easier with each preventive maintenance chore.